Monday, January 28, 2013

Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk Frogs are Here! 28/01/13

I am very excited to write this post... Today Brendon headed down to the back of our property to view how much water was flowing through the creek and the dam. While watching the large number of frogs in the waters edge, he noticed a Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk Frog.  We both returned to the spot with the cameras and found a wet grassy spot to sit in on the creek bank and view the frogs.  It didn't take too long for these stunning frogs to appear - and there were heaps of them!  Despite being a large frog, they are quite quick moving and it was hard to capture their brilliant scarlet sides at times.  The males were very busy mating and fighting with other males and only stopping for short rests amongst the grasses.  We both remarked, how at times only their eyes were visable above the water - reminding us of the stealth mode of a crocodile!  The frogs were mostly hidden amongst the reeds and grasses on the waters edge, but we managed to get a few photos when they did on occasion, come out from hiding.  We now have confirmation that these beautiful, rarely seen frogs are alive and well at our patch & breeding!  What a spectacular morning! J. & B

The spot in which we sat in the rain to take the photos of the scarlet-sided pobblebonks 28/01/13
Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk - outside the "wet cave" in which there were plenty of others residing.

Showing us his side pattern's - and heading off to find the girls.
Impressing the Girls...

This photo captures the Scarlet-Sided Pobblebonk in the water - displaying his beautiful red and orange colours.

Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk Frogs Mating 28/01/13
Scarlet-Sided Pobblebonk Frog posing for the camera - we loved his reflection in the water  also. 28.01.13

Peeking out from the thick grasses.

Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk with Spawn.

Ornate Burrowing-Frog's 27/01/13

Identifying Frogs proves to be somewhat difficult and certainly not as easy as identifying birds!!  We had to ask for some identification help with some of these frogs seen yesterday at our patch, and we think we have identified them all correctly as being the Ornate Burrowing Frog - despite their differences in appearance. All of the below photos were taken on the same day at different spots around our patch.

Most of the photos below show the distinctive "butterfly patch" behind the eyes. Hopefully we have identified them correctly -as we are still learning about these beautiful creatures.   B & J

Ornate Burrowing-Frog 27/01/13

Two Ornate-Burrowing Frogs mating in the water catchment drain at the house 27.01.13

This "Ornate-Burrowing Frog" had been caught in-between the screen door & the glass door at the house and we discovered him late last night and let him out.  

Frogs in the Rain 27/01/13

We went in search for the rarely seen, Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk and Salmon-Striped Frog late last night in the rain at our place, and to also view the frogs that were around after the large amount of rain we had had over the last two days.  Alas we didn't find the pobblebonk or salmon-striped this time, but the dams, creek and just about everywhere we walked, was alive with frog's of many types.  The noise was unbelievable...  it was difficult to hear what we were saying to each other, the frogs were so loud;  even standing side by side!  Oddly enough, we didn't see the Common Green Treefrog or the Emerald-spotted Treefrog which are ones we see almost daily!   B & J

Bleating Treefrog (27/01/13)
Bleating Treefrog (27/01/13)


Young Spotted Marshfrog (27/01/13)
Spotted Marshfrog - showing how small it was 27/01/13


Graceful Treefrog (27/01/13)

Graceful Treefrog (27/01/13) All swollen - about to call out

Graceful Treefrog (27/01/13)


Striped Marshfrog (27.01.13)


We took photos of many different looking frogs - all of which we think are Ornate Burrowing Frogs, so will add a separate post just for those photos.
Ornate Burrowing-Frog (27.01/13)
Ornate Burrowing Frogs Mating (27.01.13)

Gorgeous - Ornate Burrowing Frog (27.01.13)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

End of January Rain 2013 - Daily Photographic Diary

Daily Photographic Records of the End of January Rain 2013 from different locations around our patch.  J.G.

Saturday 26th January 2013 - Photos taken at 4.00pm- 4.20pm

The Dam - Starting to Fill 26/01/13 4.00pm

The "Little Dam"  26/01/13 4.20pm

The Road Culvert 4.20pm 26/01/13 

Sunday 27th January 2013

The Dam - 27th Jan 2013 - 11.50am Photo taken from the same place - just taking in a wider view. All large rocks from yesterdays image are now underwater.

"The Little Dam" now well over-flowing into the Creek below. 27th January 2013 - 11.37am

The Culvert 27th Jan 2013 - 12.48pm -  Photo taken from same position - just a little further back due to the high water.   Creek is well and truly flowing!

Australia Day 2013 - The Rain Begins 26/01/13

Australia Day Rain at our Patch - a different view from my camera in the rain. J.G.

Seeping Rain Bubbles on an Ironbark Tree

The largest Kurrajong at our Patch - looking beautiful in the rain
Lone  Native Yellow Rush Lily  
Frangipani Garden Flowers

Beautiful Lichen on a wet branch
Rain-Drop Circles on the Dam 26/01/13 

Wet Flowering Weeds

Blue Murdannia - Wildflower 02/01/13

In February 2012 these beautiful Blue Murdannia (Murdannia graminea) were present in three different locations at Jarowair - recorded for the first time.  As of 27th of January 2013, they have not yet flowered - possibly due to the increasingly dry conditions.  These photos below were taken of one lone plant I spotted at my neighbours place, growing in-between the horse trough and a fence.  They are a stunning perennial herb and while the flowers are named Blue Murdannia, they really are more of a purple/pink.  J.G.

Red-Triangle Slug on Australia Day 2013

Yesterday saw a very rainy Australia Day and kept us home rather than our planned day out to view other parts of our beautiful local area... though I am not complaining as exploring here is also an enjoyable experience.  Brendon spotted a medium sized Red-Triangle Slug on the side of the house at our patch - another new sighting from us here and a new addition to our species list which is always a great day.  It was present for most of the day but I couldn't see it this morning - but there are plenty of plants in which it could be hiding in that vicinity. J.G.

Red-Triangle Slug at Jarowair 26/01/13

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Red-necked Wallaby 22/01/13

I couldn't resist taking photos of this beautiful muscular Red-necked Wallaby at our patch that has a very Red top Half.  While taking the photos I was so focused on trying to get a clear picture, I hadn't noticed at first the cute, much smaller, wallaby sitting just in front of it!  J.G.

Red-necked Wallaby  22/01/13

Red-necked Wallaby - with little wallaby friend in the front left.  22/01/13

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Apostlebirds - New Visitors to Our Patch 19/01/13

While we have been away for a few days on holiday, my Parent's in-law noticed a group of birds visiting our chicken pen daily, helping themselves to the chicken feed.  My in-laws were worried about the birds visiting the chook pen and eating up all the food, but when we discovered today that they were in fact Apostlebirds, we were thrilled, as we have never seen them here before and as far as i am concerned, they can eat as much chicken feed as they like :)  J.G.

Apostlebirds on the entry to the chicken-pen (not frightened at all by our plastic eagle -crow deterrent)

Apostlebirds at Jarowair Our Patch 19/01/13