Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Native Flat Billy-Buttons

23rd September 2015

Today I found these beautiful Native Flat Billy-Buttons (Leiocarpa brevicompta) at Jarowair. I haven't seen them here before.  There were four plants all in the one location.  These beautiful large flowers also known as Plover Daisy and are not to be mistaken with the smaller Yellow Buttons (Chrysocephalum apiculatumwildflowers. J.G.

Native Flat Billy-Buttons (Leiocarpa brevicompta)

Native Flat Billy-Buttons (Leiocarpa brevicompta)

Native Flat Billy-Buttons (Leiocarpa brevicompta)

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Carpet Python at the back door

16th September 2015

I was greeted at the laundry door this morning to a large Carpet Python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli) coming up the screen door outside! This was about 9.30am, so I was surprised to see him out and about.  Hence I had to race upstairs for my phone to video it and the camera, and then spent quite some time following it around the property, trying to get a few good photos and to see where it went to.  This one was about 2 1/4 metres long.  I posted the first photo onto my facebook page and am informed by a wildlife expert that this python has just shed it's skin. (This is the third snake I have seen in 3 days at Jarowair, so they are well and truly out of hibernation)  It was interesting to note that the Noisy Miners, which usually attack everything, weren't phased at all by the python, however yesterday they were giving hell to a young lace monitor.


Carpet Python - Jarowair 16/09/15

Carpet Python - Jarowair 16/09/15

Carpet Python - Jarowair 16/09/15 - Crossing the driveway, showing how long it was. 

Carpet Python - Jarowair 16/09/15.  (I had hoped this photo would be better with the tongue out, but alas this is the best one I got - that spiderweb on it's head is driving me crazy though)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Echidna in the Garden

13th September 2015

Our little dog alerted us to an Echidna not far from the front door on Sunday Night.  While we see evidence of them, I haven't seen one here for a little while.  The Echidna was at a guess a sub-adult and it happily dug away for ants while we watched it and took some photos.  The following day I began digging up one of the gardens along the edge and didn't get it finished, but the Echidna was grateful for the work I had done, as it was back again in the garden following along where I had dug hours earlier, looking for ants.

J, C & K

Echidna at Jarowair 13/09/15 (ihone photo)

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Monday, September 7, 2015

White-faced Herons at Jarowair

07th September 2015

These beautiful White-faced Herons tried to perch in many trees at Jarowair, however the Noisy Miners had other ideas about letting them stay for a visit.


White-faced Heron's under attack from a Noisy Miner at Jarowair 07/09/15

White-faced Heron's under attack from a Noisy Miner at Jarowair 07/09/15

White-faced Heron's under attack from a Noisy Miner at Jarowair 07/09/15