Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Red-Rumped Parrots 23/05/12

The Red-rumped Parrots have been in large numbers grazing on the lawn over the last few weeks.  They are absolutely beautiful parrots and lovely to watch.  J.G.

Grey Crowned Babbler's at Jarowair 21/05/12

Monday Afternoon I spotted a family of Grey-Crowned Babbler's at Out Patch.  This is only the second time we have had them on our property.  The previous time I saw one was when our house was being built and one flew into the window stunning itself, it recovered and flew off.  They are often seen about 1km away from our patch but never closer, so it was exciting that they decided to visit our little patch.  J.G.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spotted Marsh-frogs 06/05/12

I came across these two Spotted Marsh-frogs under a rock while weeding in the garden today.  J.G.

Pink-Bellied Moth Caterpillar 06/05/12

Thanks to John for the I.D Help on this one!  J.G.

Lady-beetle Patterns 06/05/12

Micraspis frenata (Striped Ladybird)

Micraspis frenata (Striped Ladybird)

Micraspis frenata (Striped Ladybird)

Micraspis frenata (Striped Ladybird)

Juvenille Redback Spider? 06/05/12

I was watching this small spider today, I thought at first that it looked like a redbacked spider, but on closer look its pattern was very different.  On looking it up, I think it is possibly a juvenille redbacked Spider.  Thoughts??  J.G.

Native Paper Wasps 06/05/12

These Native Paper Wasps were in abundance in the Cordalines today, not sure why, didn't want to get too close to find out!!  J.G.