Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Red-Necked Wallaby Joey

The Red-Necked Wallabies always come up very close to the house early in the morning to feed and lately there has been a few that have had cute little joey's poking their head's out from their mothers pouches.  Sometimes a heavy pouch is the only giveaway of it's mothers precious cargo.  We never get tired of watching these beautiful animals in the wild.  J.G.

Red-Necked Wallaby & Joey 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Red-necked Wallabies Tussle in the back yard May 2013

I have not made any posts of the happenings at our Patch for quite some time, and although in the beginnings of winter there isn't as much activity wildlife wise, we still enjoy watching the red-necked wallabies and Eastern Grey Kangaroos that frequent our patch all year round.  These photos were taken in the back-yard in May 2013 of two Red-Necked Wallabies having a little tussle - it was quite amusing to watch.  
Shame about the un-natural background of the cement tank, but that is where they chose to display their boxing skills! These photos were taken with the long lense from the house veranda so aren't the clearest but I just had to share them;  as others may enjoy them as much as I did watching them!   J.G.

Red-Necked Wallabies tussling at Jarowair May 2013.