Thursday, May 26, 2016

Red Fox upsets the Chickens

26th May 2016


It took a few days, but I finally got a glimpse of the culprit that has been upsetting the chickens a few early mornings in a row.  I saw him much later this morning, than the other days that we heard the chickens 'screams for help'. This morning I spotted him at around 7.20am, standing at the gate of the chicken pen looking in... possibly he thought he could out-smart us and come later than his usual 5am attempt, with the hope that the chickens had been let out into the larger fenced yard....what he didn't count on, was a sleepy teenager who had forgotten to feed the chooks and let them out that morning at the usual time, so they were all locked up safely in the inner-pen.


Red Fox at Jarowair, 26th May 2016

Red Fox at Jarowair, 26th May 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Apostlebirds visit Jarowair

8th May 2016


We don't often get visits from Apostlebirds, so when we spotted them grazing in the back yard, I had to race down and get a few photos.  These family orientated birds at times visit the chicken pen and eat some of the hens seed, but on this day they were happy grazing in the dry grass.

J & B

Apostlebirds at Jarowair 8/5/16
Apostlebirds at Jarowair 08/05/16

Thursday, May 5, 2016

White-stemmed Gum Moth

5 May 2016


This beautiful large Moth was photographed on the outside door to our kitchen at night. It is a White-Stemmed Gum Moth (Chelepteryx chelepteryx) and I have to thank Oskars Štubis from the Amateur Entomology Australia Group on facebook for the i.d.

The caterpillars of the White-stemmed Gum Moth feed on gum trees. It is interesting to note that Adults are short-lived (two to three days) and mate soon after emerging. They do not feed because none of the anthelids have functional mouthparts as adults!


Information Source: Australian Museum

White-Stemmed Gum Moth (Chelepteryx chelepteryx)

White-Stemmed Gum Moth (Chelepteryx chelepteryx)