Friday, January 31, 2014

Summer Cicada's

Over the months of December & January there has been the constant hum of cicada's in the late evening - however spotting these massive insects during the day has proven challenging.  I have managed a few photos of a few different types that have either landed on the house near the lights or have come inside when the doors were open.  So far I can only confidently identify the Cherry-nose so any advice of the other ones identifications would be greatly appreciated!  Thankyou. J

Cherry Nose Cicada at Jarowair - Dec 2013

Cherry Nose Cicada

Cherry Nose Cicada - showing how large they are.

unknown Cicada #1

Unknown Cicada #1

Unknown Cicada #2
Unknown Cicadas #3 - these were photographed at Highfields Falls in January and not at our property.

Nankeen Night Heron 31/01/14

We recently witnessed a Nankeen Night Heron feeding at the waters edge during the night on the footage from our camera trap.  Prior to this, we have never seen a Nankeen Night Heron at our patch so this footage was very exciting. In the days after seeing the bird more than once feature in the camera trap it was also seen at the waters edge during the day.  The photo below was taken after it flew up from the waters edge into a nearby tree after we approached it.  I note the photos aren't very good as it didn't stay on the branch for long before it took off again - but the long white plumes of the bird's breeding plumage is visible when the photo is zoomed in.  The breeding plumage was also very noticeable on the camera footage.

Nankeen Night Heron at Jarowair 31/01/2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grassland Melomys at Jarowair 28/01/14

This poor little Grassland Melomys (Melomys burtoni) was most unhappy to become trapped in our "catch em alive trap" used to catch mice/rats.  This native rodent was released back into grass nearby on our patch.
Another exciting find and a newbie for the wildlife list at Jarowair.

B & J

Grassland Melomys (Melomys burtoni)

Escape - back to the wild for this Grassland Melomys

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Square-tailed Kite 18/01/14

I accidentally startled this Square-tailed Kite which was in long grass near the dry creek bed at Jarowair. The bird flew up quickly into a high gum tree nearby as I raced off for the camera.  It didn't stay in the tree long enough for me to get a photo but I managed a couple while it circled overhead to identify it.  I have since seen these kites in pairs locally on numerous occasions. J.G.

Square-tailed Kite 18/01/14

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Red-necked Wallaby Joey

Red-Necked Wallabies and their baby joeys are a sight that we see on a daily basis at our property in rural south-east Queensland.  On this day, I had been sitting down near a small dam on our property, taking in the view, when this beautiful wallaby with joey in-pouch came close-by the dam for a drink. They weren't too sure about me watching them and they waited until I left before they had their drink on this very hot summers day.

We love Australian Wildlife and feel blessed that we can see these beautiful creatures in our own backyard regularly.

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Red-necked Wallaby & Joey at Jarowair, South-East Queensland, Australia

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Monday, January 6, 2014


Gumnuts photographed in macro as part of the I heart Macro Project.

These gumnuts are from an Australian Ironbark tree at our property in rural Queensland, Australia.

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Christmas Beetles in Macro

I am participating for the first time in the I Heart Macro Monday where bloggers all over the world share their latest Macro images.

These photos are taken at our property on the Darling Downs, South-East Queensland and are of the beautiful Christmas Beetles.  The Christmas Beetles have this common name not only for their stunning gold and green colouring but for the fact that they frequent urban and rural areas around Christmas time.  They are really very clumsy flyers and many end up on our veranda stuck up-side down at night when they come in close to the house for the lights.

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Christmas Beetle, Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia 06/01/14

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Temperatures soar to 48 degrees 04/01/14

The last few weeks have been extremely hot and dry on the Darling Downs and although afternoon thunder can often be heard, it has all be a farce, not supplying the much needed rain.

Saturday the 4th of January was an intensely windy hot summers day.  The local weather was predicting a top of 39 degrees, however we knew it felt hotter than that.  We decided to put our sons weather station outside along with another thermometer to check... sure enough it was 48 degrees at 2.30pm that afternoon - so a little hotter than we had thought!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Yellow-faced Whip-snake eating a frog 02/01/14

The weather has been hot and dry for months now on the Darling Downs, and while the skies threaten to rain, we are yet to see any.  The lawn is now brown and crunchy where we haven't watered, and the vegetable garden needs to be watered at least once a day to keep it going.  While watering it in the middle of the day today, Brendon saw this medium sized yellow-faced whip-snake in the grass surrounding the raised garden beds, it was in the middle of devouring a frog.  These snakes are territorial and usually stay around the same area - this is at least the third we have seen in a close proximity of the vegetable garden. Sure enough we watched it and once it had finished eating the frog it took off as quick as a whip back to the rockeries in our garden where we have seen the other ones previously.

The face and colourings of this snake are very beautiful with the yellow around the eye very prominent today, along with the olive colour at the end of its tail.  J & B.

Yellow-faced Whip-snake... well camouflaged in the grass in the vegetable garden 02/01/14

This photo shows the beautiful colourings of the yellow-faced whip-snake... it was a little too late to work out what type of frog he was eating.  

Olive coloured tail of the Yellow-Faced Whip-Snake. 

I took a short video of the Yellow-faced Whip snake taken on my iphone, showing how fast the snake moves across the ground, however blogger does not want to display it clearly so I have had to remove it.