Sunday, May 29, 2011

Long-thumbed Frog & Great Brown Broodfrog to add to the List 22/05/11

After the excitement of finding the Salmon-Striped Frog, Brendon set off searching for another to photograph for evidence.  While he didn't find another Salmon-Striped Frog, he came across two "unknowns".  Once again we went to Rod for positive identification after pouring over many frog and wildlife books.  Rod also checked with two other people for positive ID's of these frogs and it was much appreciated.  The photos below also show ones of the Broad-Palmed Rocket-Frog which we see here regularly, but these two pictures show a varied colour from its usual self, thus causing  bit of confusion with its id.  With thanks again to Rod for the much needed advice.

Large Toadlet or Great Brown Broodfrog Pseudophryne major.

Barking or Long-thumbed Frog Limnodynastes fletcheri

Broad-palmed Rocket Frog Litoria latopalmata – day time colouration

Broad-palmed Rocket Frog Litoria latopalmata – day time colouration

Salmon-Striped Frog 21st May 2011

Last Saturday the 21st of May 2011, we had a first time sighting here of a Salmon-Striped Frog.  This frog large beautiful frog was found underneath a large concrete rock that had been lifted.  Unfortunately I did not get a photograph (and should know better by now) as we had visitors turning up any second, I thought I would get a picture later, then of course it was gone.  I contacted a Frog Expert at from the University of Southern Queensland and gave him my description and he confirmed that our identification was correct.   Hopefully we will be able to get a photo of one at some time, in the mean time here is a little more information about this frog from

Limnodynastes salmini

Family: Myobatrachidae
Common names: Salmon Striped Frog; Steindachner's Frog; Salmin's Striped Marshfrog

Description: This frog is brown to grey on its back, with dark spots and blotches. There are usually three pink to orange-red stripes on its back - two on each side and one down the middle. There is a dark band through the eye and a dark patch below it. Another orange-red stripe runs from below the eye to the top of the arms. The belly is white and the thighs, groin and sides of the body are mottled black and white. The skin is smooth and the toes are slightly webbed.
Size: 70 mm
Habitat: This frog spends a lot of its time underground and only comes to the surface after rain. When it emerges it can be found under logs, loose bark and stones. It breeds in marshes, ditches and ponds.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Common Crow Catterpillar

These Catterpillars were found on our potted Frangapani Trees.  Identified as Common Crow Butterfly Catterpillar.  These butterflies are often seen in the area where the Plants were kept.

Australasian Little-Grebe Diving at the Dam 01/05/11

This little Australasian Little Grebe has been having a wonderful time diving for the plentiful little fish in what is left of the dam water after the wet season. 

I loved the combination of these footprints of a Kangaroo and bird's feet at the dam's edge.

Schools of little fish close to the surface of the dam.

Red Dragonfly at the Dam

Lone Wedge-Tailed Eagle over Jarowair 01/05/11

Once again on a quest for a decent Wedge-tailed Eagle Photo, this beautful Bird of Prey had been very close to the ground (around 10m) when my son spotted it, then of course by the time I raced inside to grab the camera it was allready soaring to greater heights!  I never tire of this beautiful sight!

Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Rainbow 26/04/2011