Saturday, December 29, 2012

White-throated Gerygone Nesting 29/12/12

This morning we discovered a nest of a White-throated Gerygone at Jarowair.  The nest is in a medium sized gum tree located between our house and our shed.  We remember seeing a similar nest in the same tree around 6+ years ago.  Brendon captured these photos of the nest this morning.  J.G.

Nest of White-throated Gerygone 29/12/12

White-throated Gerygone in close vicinity to the nest.

White-throated Gerygone in it's nest.  Note the nest has bottle-brush flowers in it.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Spotted Python making good use of the boat 23/12/12

While cleaning out the shed today, Brendon moved some things out of his boat, to find a Spotted Python residing in it.  The boat sadly has had little use of late and has been used to store some bags of bird seed, hence the mice have found found the seed, and the python has found them!  After having a look at the snake and showing it to the kids, Brendon let it go back in the shed, hopefully it will continue to keep the mice at bay.  J.G.

Spotted Pyton 23/12/12

Friday, December 14, 2012

Robust Blind Snake (Ramphotyphlops ligatus) 14/12/12

While walking to the house from the shed at night, we came across this blind snake on the gravel driveway at our patch.  I am yet to identify which type of blind snake this one is.  I grabbed the camera to take a few photos and placed a 20c coin near the snake for size comparison at the time. 

Blind Snakes feed on termites and the larvae and pupae of ants, and are non-venomous and cannot bite, so therefore are harmless.  J.G.

UPDATE:  28/12/12  Thanks to Rod Hobson for clarifying the identification of this blind snake as Ramphotyphlops ligatus (aka Robust Blind Snake).  It is much appreciated.

Ramphotyphlops ligatus (aka Robust Blind Snake)

Robust Blind Snake. 14/12/12