Saturday, December 29, 2012

White-throated Gerygone Nesting 29/12/12

This morning we discovered a nest of a White-throated Gerygone at Jarowair.  The nest is in a medium sized gum tree located between our house and our shed.  We remember seeing a similar nest in the same tree around 6+ years ago.  Brendon captured these photos of the nest this morning.  J.G.

Nest of White-throated Gerygone 29/12/12

White-throated Gerygone in close vicinity to the nest.

White-throated Gerygone in it's nest.  Note the nest has bottle-brush flowers in it.


  1. A nice find. Should be fun to see what happens next.

    1. Thanks John, they have still been busy going back and forth to the nest - its hard to imagine how small the babies must be as the nest is so small!


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