Monday, July 25, 2011

Wallabies & a Joey in pouch 25/07/11

Over the last month or so, due to the harsh frosts and lack of rain over winter, the "green feed" is becoming more and more scarce for our local wallabies and Eastern Grey Kangaroos.  Daily now we witness the wallabies coming close to the roads edge in search for food, sadly we have seen many casualties in the last few weeks, many with joeys that have succumbed to the same fate of their mother sadly.

We delight in watching these beautiful red-necked wallabies graze happily at Jarowair.  These photos were taken on my little camera that I keep in my bag for "photo emergencies", on the way home late one afternoon.  I just had to get a photo of this gorgeous wallaby with a rather young (still furless) joey in pouch. 

4 Wallabies + 1 Joey (far right)

You can just see the little Joey having a look out of its mother's pouch.

Beautiful Red-Necked Wallaby at Jarowair

Koala at Jarowair 24/07/11

Last Night, Brendon spotted a Koala high in one of the River Red Gum Trees at Jarowair.  This is the first one that we have seen on our property in a very long time.  First thing this morning I went looking to see it, but it had moved from the tree and was like looking for a needle in a haystack, amongst the other trees. Hopefully the condition of this one is okay.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Beautiful Sunset

Another beautiful sunset at our patch.

I was recently going through my childhood photo album looking for a photo of something from my childhood, and while looking through many terrible photos taken on my little camera back then, I discovered that all that time ago, I liked taking photos of the very same things I do now!! I had taken photos of beautiful sunsets and lizards on trees, all terrible photos, but clearly I had a love of these beautiful parts of nature back then, and had wanted to capture them by photographing them.  This was really a refreshing insight - something that I myself had forgotten about... it just took me a long time to get back to that love.  No going back now!  Pathological picture taker!!  JG.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dainty Green Tree Frog Mystery 09th July 2011

Well, you may have seen my previous post showing my delight of finding two Dainty Green Tree Frogs in the Norfolk Crows Nest Plant today.  After seeing this, we presumed that both must have arrived in the plant from Bunnings and thought that was how we have ended up with this little frog here on the Darling Downs.

Late this afternoon, Brendon came down to the house from the shed to show me something he had found when cleaning up.  I presumed it was a gecko but alas it was another Dainty Green Tree Frog!!  He found this frog in our "Bin Full of Frogs" (see previous post).  The shed is located a fair distance from the house, and the Norfolk Crows Nest Plant was only purchased at the end of April this year..... so I am guessing that our previous thought of the frogs arriving in the plant is possibly wrong and that we actually have these gorgeous little Tropical Frogs living at Jarowair on the Frosty Darling Downs!!!  Sending off an email tonight to my frog expert advisor at USQ.  Updates to come!

We re-located the shed frog to a plant in the "frog garden", picture below:

Dainty Green Tree Frog #3 09th July 2011

Double the Dainty Tree Frogs! 9th July 2011

Today while watering the plants, I thought I would check on our Resident Dainty Tree Frog (see previous post here).  I was very surprised to find not one, but two Dainty Tree Frogs in the same Norfolk Crows Nest Plant - is it possible that we had missed spotting one of them previously??  Photos taken on my little camera.

Double the Dainty Tree Frogs 09/07/11

Yellow-faced Whip Snake Snake 9th July 2011

Initially I thought this brownish coloured snake was an Eastern Brown, until further investigating the yellow colour around the eye and the pattern on the body, I can now say that it is definitely a Yellow-faced Whip Snake. J & B

Saturday, July 2, 2011