Sunday, December 11, 2011

Native Pea??

Late this afternoon I spotted this beautiful little flowering plant at Jarowair.  It was very small (see pic with my hand in background) and I have never seen it here before.  I am very new to identifying plants so help would be much appreciated.  I think it may be some type of native pea?  J.G.

WANDERING SAILOR (Commelina cyanea) December 2011

Wandering Sailor (Commelina Cyanea)

Over the years at Jarowair, we have noticed this blue flowering plant that has appeared in various places around the property, often at the base of ironbark trees.  We had this plant come up in one of our small gardens and had wondered if it was a weed.  Thanks to the Toowoomba Plants Blog I am very happy to discover that it is infact not a weed, but a lovely native plant.  I am happily let it grow in the gardens from now on. J.G.

  • Pronunciation: com-el-EE-nah sigh-NEE-ah
  • Common Name: Wandering Sailor, Scurvey Weed. Wandering Jew.
  • Type: Herb, Soft-stemmed creeping Plant.
  • Flowers: Blue
  • Vegetation Type: Dry Eucalypt Forest,

Stone Gecko (Diplodactylus vittatus) 11/12/11

Brendon uncovered this small Stone Gecko while cleaning up fallen leaves around the house.

Stone Gecko

(Diplodactylus vittatus)

Stone Gecko - Identification

  • Head and body length: 6cm
  • Total length (including tail): 9cm
Dumpy body. Dark brown with a pale, deeply notched zigzag stripe down back from neck to tip of a short plump tail. When tail is regenerated, this stripe stops abruptly at the breakage point. Toes slightly expanded to form pads.


Shelters in burrows and shallow depressions under stones and fallen timber. Dry bushland, particularly lightly timbered areas.


Largely absent from suburbs, common in moderately dry peripheral bushland. Brisbane records include Mt Crosby and Mt Gravatt. Drier parts of eastern Australia



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You Can't See Me in the Shadows!

This Egg Stealing Lace Monitor thinks he is camouflaging quite well but I have spotted him and collected the eggs before he does his daily rounds!