Sunday, December 11, 2011

WANDERING SAILOR (Commelina cyanea) December 2011

Wandering Sailor (Commelina Cyanea)

Over the years at Jarowair, we have noticed this blue flowering plant that has appeared in various places around the property, often at the base of ironbark trees.  We had this plant come up in one of our small gardens and had wondered if it was a weed.  Thanks to the Toowoomba Plants Blog I am very happy to discover that it is infact not a weed, but a lovely native plant.  I am happily let it grow in the gardens from now on. J.G.

  • Pronunciation: com-el-EE-nah sigh-NEE-ah
  • Common Name: Wandering Sailor, Scurvey Weed. Wandering Jew.
  • Type: Herb, Soft-stemmed creeping Plant.
  • Flowers: Blue
  • Vegetation Type: Dry Eucalypt Forest,

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