Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Not Moving

Anyone who knows me well, knows how I am constantly stopping when driving to move basking lizards from the road, to avoid their unfortunate deaths by ignorant drivers... Anyway the other morning I went to pick up this large bearded dragon that had been crossing the road, but had ducked down to camouflage position when the car approached. He had not yet had the time to bask and was putting on a mighty display of defense!

Nesting boxes galore

Over the last 5+ years, I have blogged posts on the many types of nesting boxes that Brendon has made and installed here at Jarowair, providing homes and nesting areas for possums, gliders, birds and even wasps!!! I am going to make my project for this weekend to count how many homes Brendons handiwork has provided, for the wildlife at Jarowair!

Baby Bearded Dragon warming up on the garden hose!

My 9 year old spotted this very young baby Bearded Dragon, warming up on the garden hose in the sun! What good eyes he had to spot this little one!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunset Photo from Miss 8 12/02/12

I came across this photo today while loading photos onto the computer from Miss 8's little camera.  I thought it was a spectacular sunset at our place so i just had to add it! J.G.  Photo by K. S. Gray

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Barking Gecko in care after losing a foot - April 2012

I had a phone call from the nearby Amaroo Environmental Centre saying that they had found a leaf-tailed gecko in their office which had suffered a severed foot after it had been squashed under a box that had been moved.  When I arrived to pick it up, I found that it was in fact a Barking Gecko (aka thick-tailed gecko) that had a regenerated tail.  When barking geckos lose their tail (originally black with white stripes) a much wider duller coloured tail is regenerated - thus giving these beautiful little geckos a much different look.

The gecko was kept in care until the stump healed and then released close by at Jarowair where we also have barking geckoes.  Barking Geckos do not climb glass or walls, but forage on the ground under leaf littler and bark so this little guy should still be able to live a good life without one foot.


Barking Gecko with severed foot in care 07/04/2012

Barking Gecko in care with severed foot april 2014
Barking Gecko with severed foot at release date at Jarowair 27/05/2012