Sunday, July 22, 2012

Huge Nesting Box Installation 22/07/12

After the confirmation of the squirrel gliders using some of the existing nesting boxes last weekend, Brendon went to work on making a huge nesting box replicating a hollow tree and large enough for owls, possums or greater gliders (we hope).  Here are the photos of the awkward installation in an Ironbark tree at Jarowair today.  The end product looks fantastic and camouflages well with the environment.  J.G.

Brendon's latest Nesting Box - Big enough for Greater-Gliders or anything really!!

We have Eggs!

The chickens have finally started to lay again after a long hiatus over winter...

Here's a funny picture I took while collecting the eggs. J.G.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Squirrel Gliders are Living in the Nesting Boxes! 15/07/12

At around 5.50pm this afternoon I went for a walk around our property at Jarowair, as I looked up at a nesting box in the "Koala Tree" and saw the head of a squirrel glider emerging from the hole!  This nesting box is the first one that I ever made & installed at Jarowair.  I raced up to the house to get the camera and Jude and I raced back but unfortunately the glider was no longer at the entrance hole.

A little dissapointed that I missed the photo op, I was thrilled that to actually get confirmation of the gliders using one of the boxes that I had created.  I walked on to the next nesting box and to my surprise, looked up to see another squirrel glider's head poking out from the hole!!!  This nesting box was only installed less than 12 months ago see previous post:

I managed a couple of photos despite the day getting dark! 


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Is there such a thing as a Cream Dainty Green Tree Frog?

A few weeks ago, Brendon found this gorgeous cream coloured frog behind an orchid near our frog habitat/bromedliad garden.  It looks the same as a Dainty Green Tree Frog in every way... except for its colour being a dark cream!!  I can't find any information stating colour changes on this frog, so would love some input from others please.  We are still in the learning process when it comes to frog identification here at Jarowair.  See my other posts on the Dainty Green Tree Frog sightings at Jarowair HERE.  Brendon replaced the orchid back on the wall and the frog is still happily living in the same spot.

The photos below are ones taken of a different Dainty Green Tree Frog in a nearby location on the same day.  The shape, size, texture and appearance are the same... just the colour!

I will send the photos off to a local frog expert, but would love your opinions!  J & B.

Southern Boobook Owls 07/07/12

These Southern Boobook Owls had been disturbed from their sleep by some pesky Noisy Miners at our Neighbours property today.  The noisy Miners were un-relentless in their attacks, swooping and bombing the Boobooks who regularly perch in this large ironbark tree.  J.G.