Sunday, April 21, 2013

Over the Fence and into another world 14/04/13

Over the last 7 years of owning Our Patch on the Darling Downs, we have seen a significant difference with native tree & plant re-growth, and while we do have visits from many birds, we are yet to get a significant number of different little bird species frequent our patch on a regular basis.  While the hundreds of tree we have planted around the property and the house yard continue to grow, they are not yet a thick enough hideaway for wrens, finches and other little birds to call home.

Over the fence however it is a different story!  The back of our property backs on to a relatively untouched wonderland of native woodland forest and picturesque creek with a plethora of stunning native flowers, plants and trees.  Almost as soon as you step over the fence you can hear the little birds calling and see them darting to and fro amongst the thicker treed landscape.  

I think that we need to plant a far greater number of trees in patches to create a secure corridor for these little birds to hopefully visit our place!  While it makes us a little depressed that on most days here the most interesting bird we see is a Noisy Miner, it gives us hope that our place will eventually be restored to the way God intended it to be. 


Just a few Photos from over the Fence 14/04/13

Grey Fantail over the fence at Jarowair

Grey Fantail

Fan-tailed Cuckoo - over the fence at Jarowair

Fan-tailed Cuckoo with a feast, over the fence from Jarowair 14/04/13

Purple Burr Daisy's

Purple Burr Daisy's - the photo doesn't really display the mauve colour of these flowers at all.