Monday, June 1, 2015

Sugar Gliders in Nesting Box

Late Sunday afternoon, after installing another nesting box at Jarowair and re-attaching another, Brendon decided to check out the contents of a few of the boxes in the vicinity at Jarowair. On inspecting one that was made from a hollow log, a startled young sugar glider emerged from the entry hole and scampered out onto a nearby branch. A peek inside the lid of the box showed the rest of the sugar family. He took a quick photo on the phone and closed the lid up.

Sugar Gliders inside a nesting box at Jarowair 31/05/15

The Sugar Glider Escapee

A few of the boxes were empty, but had evidence of recent inhabitants. One of our resident possums "Prince" stuck his head out of a box when he saw the unexpected visitor arriving! 

"Prince" one of our favourite old resident possums popping his head out of the box to say hello to Brendon up the ladder.

Ole "Prince" looks a little worn and is blind in one eye, but he is the sweetest nature for a male possum, very friendly and quiet.

Nesting boxes are a wonderful addition to the natural hollows we have at Jarowair. We believe without a doubt that we have had a marked increase in Gliders, both Sugar and Squirrel, since the installation of over 25+ boxes of various sizes and locations throughout our property.

J & B