Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Friarbirds Insects & Orchids September at Jarowair

Some of the photos taken at our patch during September 2014

I watched this Noisy Friarbird fly down into the fork of a huge gum tree in the creek and take a bath, the tree trunk obviously holding water from the rain a few days before. 27/09/14

Wet Noisy Friarbird after taking a bath in water held in a gum tree trunk at Jarowair 27/09/14

I am still working out the i.d. of this beautiful blue damselfly near Wallaby Waterhole at Jarowair 27/09/14.  Any expert help appreciated!

Baby Noisy Miner at Jarowair 27/09/14

Male Australian King Parrot, visiting the veranda and treated to some nuts by the kids 17/09/14

Burton's Snake Lizard at Jarowair September 2014 see post here...

Master C spotted this furry brown and white moth resting on the outdoor lounge, I am yet to work out it's i.d.  14/09/14

Lycid Beetle's are loving the diosmas flowering in the garden at Jarowair 

Finding these beautiful Leafy Templetonia flowers made my day at Jarowair 14/09/14,  See other post

Flowering Garden Orchid at Jarowair Sept 14

Brendon was given this King Orchid last year and it's flower are stunning - September 2014.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Burton's Snake Lizard at Jarowair 27/09/14

This Burton's Snake Lizard (Lialis burtonis) is the first one that we have seen ourselves at Jarowair.  Brendon spotted it at night while turning off the bore-water pump and we were able to get a good look at it and take some photos. This one was approximately 60cm long.

The Burton's Snake Lizard has the misfortune for being mistaken for a brown snake.  It is however, instantly recognizable due to it's pointed wedge-shaped snout, that is different to any other Australian reptile.   This beautiful creature lives beneath rocks, logs or low vegetation, mainly in bushland and it's diet consists solely of lizards.

Brendon's Mum and Step-Dad saw a Burton's Snake Lizard here many years ago when they were staying in their caravan in the shed, when it slithered into the shed late one afternoon.  They took photos of it and until now, the only other one I have come across is a dead one on our road which was a short time after the first sighting.

The best days are when we see something new here.

J & B

Burton's Snake Lizard (Lialis burtonis) at Jarowair 27th September 2014

Burtons Snake Lizard (Lialis burtonis) 27/09/14

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Leafy Templetonia in Flower at Jarowair 14/09/14

It has been many years since I have had the fortune of seeing the Leafy Templetonia (Templetonia stenophylla) in flower at Jarowair. Despite checking the area on the side of the creek-bed where I had once seen it, over many years each September.  This year however I stumbled across it while not even looking for it (that's always the way) and there were plenty of small plants out in flower and they are just beautiful.  This little flowering fabaceae is one of my favourite "wildflowers" at our patch.  My camera was playing up at the time unfortunately, so these photos were taken on our daughters little point and shoot Nikon.


Leafy Templetonia (Templetonia stenophylla) in flower at Jarowair 14th September 2014

Leafy Templetonia (Templetonia stenophylla) in flower at Jarowair 14th September 2014

Leafy Templetonia (Templetonia stenophylla) in flower at Jarowair 14th September 2014

Leafy Templetonia (Templetonia stenophylla) in flower at Jarowair 14th September 2014