Monday, April 25, 2011

Lemon Tree Caterpillar

This gorgeous spiky Caterpillar has all but eaten all of the leaves off our Lemon Tree at Jarowair.  There are only two leaves left!  We have let it be and will be interested to see what it evolves into - if it continues to survive the eye of the local Magpies.

Spotted Python 21/04/11

While walking up to the shed at night we came across this Spottled Python (aka Children's Python), who was un-impressed to have the torch light upon it.  This is the first Spotted Python we have seen at Jarowair.

Spotted Python 21/04/11

(Antaresia maculosa)
Often referred to as Pygmy Pythons, Spotted Pythons belong to a group of snakes that grow to lengths of only 1.3 metres. They are one of Australia’s smallest Pythons. Spotted Pythons are boldly patterned with a dark body and lateral blotches.
The Spotted Python is a nocturnal species of snake found in woodlands and shrubs and often in the vicinity of rocky outcrops and caves of the coastal areas of Queensland and northern New South Wales.
Spotted Pythons feed on small mammals, birds and lizards. Despite their size, these small snakes still pack a powerful punch—just ask any insectivorous bat! The spotted python is best known for its ambush attacks at the entrance of caves as large groups of bats leave their roosts at dusk.
A Spotted Python’s mating activity commences in late April and continues through to mid August. Females will lay a clutch of between six to eighteen eggs. Like all pythons, the female stays coiled around her eggs for two to three months until they hatch. Once hatched the hatchlings must fend for themselves, there is no further parental care other then the incubation of the eggs.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walking Through The Creek 17th April 2011

This gorgeous moth/butterfly had the most amazing orange colours on the top of its wings, but alas I didn't get a clear picture of this, not sure what this one is yet. (06/11/11 Update - This butterfly is identified as an Evening Brown Melanitis leda) J.G.

Yes I know it is a fly,but a pretty one "Amenia imperialis"

Snake Skin that we saw, just before seeing the real thing.

Around our Patch 2011

This great photo of a sunflower in our vege garden was taken by my 8 year old, Photo un-edited, I thought it was great!


Rhinocerous beetle larve

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wedge-Tailed Eagle's

Over the last three to four weeks, I have been lucky enough to witness a pair of Wedge-Tailed Eagles and on occasion their "juvenille" circiling and gliding gracefully through the sky above our property and in the surrounding kilometers.  I absolutely love this sight and never tire of watching them dive and soar and cover such large distances so quickly.  I am still to get a decent photograph of one in flight.... one day it may happen that I am quick enough!  The local birds seem to give me a bit of notice when the Wedgies are around, but often this still not enough time to assemble the camera and dash outside!   My husband spotted a nest about 8 kilometers from here (as the crow flies) and I imagine this is the pair that we see regularly and delight in entertaining us and putting the "wind up" the local galahs.  Today we saw a pair of cockateils fleeing when the Wedge-tails were in range, havent seen any of these for ages.  Latley we have also been enchanted with the sounds of the Southern Boobook Owl at night, and the regular visits of a few White-faced herons fishing for crayfish in pockets of water in our creek.

Another poor photograph of a soaring Wedge-tailed Eage above Jarowair

Striped Marshfrog

Striped Marshfrog
These gorgeous Striped Marshfrogs are a recent discovery here at Jarowair.  Unfortunately the first one I found was one that had drowned in the dogs large water bowl, and prior to that I had only seen them at Highfields when "resucing them" from the pool at work!  So was pleased to find this healthy looking one a few weeks ago on the back patio at night.

In The Garden Today...

Had a stroll around the garden today and discovered a few small delights.

Strawberries starting to grow in the vege garden

Succulents in Flower

Beautiful Grevillia in Flower

Wild Iris in Flower

My Daughter's Flower Garden

My Daughter's Flower Garden -with strategically placed faries

Spiders 10/04/11

While going for a walk today down to the back of the property, came across a couple of spiders and coudn't resist taking a photo of them both, they were quite happy to stay put and pose for the camera.

Wolf Spider with Trap-Door open

This Golden Orb-weaver Spider (Golden-Orb as I call them) had a great position above our walking track - as they do.

10th April 2011 - Larva

While playing on their fort today, the children called out to me, asking me to come and have a look at the "fury grubs" on the Iron Bark Tree.  After climbing up the fort - they showed me their discovery.  A large group of Larva, of unknown species.  The cluster reminded me instantly of the Paperback Sawfly Lava that we have often seen here, an the way they often cluster together, but this one was different and not the Paperback Sawfly.  Any ideas anyone?  A most spectacular find by the kids.