Monday, April 25, 2011

Lemon Tree Caterpillar

This gorgeous spiky Caterpillar has all but eaten all of the leaves off our Lemon Tree at Jarowair.  There are only two leaves left!  We have let it be and will be interested to see what it evolves into - if it continues to survive the eye of the local Magpies.

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  1. with thanks to Jodie Atkinson from my Australian Wildlife conservation FB page for identifying this caterpillar as an Orchard Swallowtail. We definatley do have these in abundance at Jarowair! Jodie also supplied this information:

    Jodie Atkinson: Being green in colour, it's a more developed caterpillar, when they're first out, they're a splotchy brown and white, meant to look like a bird poop for camouflage.
    May 11 at 10:12pm With thanks for this identification - much appreciated.


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