Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wedge-Tailed Eagle's

Over the last three to four weeks, I have been lucky enough to witness a pair of Wedge-Tailed Eagles and on occasion their "juvenille" circiling and gliding gracefully through the sky above our property and in the surrounding kilometers.  I absolutely love this sight and never tire of watching them dive and soar and cover such large distances so quickly.  I am still to get a decent photograph of one in flight.... one day it may happen that I am quick enough!  The local birds seem to give me a bit of notice when the Wedgies are around, but often this still not enough time to assemble the camera and dash outside!   My husband spotted a nest about 8 kilometers from here (as the crow flies) and I imagine this is the pair that we see regularly and delight in entertaining us and putting the "wind up" the local galahs.  Today we saw a pair of cockateils fleeing when the Wedge-tails were in range, havent seen any of these for ages.  Latley we have also been enchanted with the sounds of the Southern Boobook Owl at night, and the regular visits of a few White-faced herons fishing for crayfish in pockets of water in our creek.

Another poor photograph of a soaring Wedge-tailed Eage above Jarowair

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  1. Ooh, that's a great photograph. I can imagine the alarm sounds and the atmosphere. All wonderful.


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