Monday, July 27, 2009

Southern Boobook Owl & Baby Brush-tailed Possum 27/07/09

Night-time is filled with the sound of the Southern Boo-book Owl.  Its beautiful boo-book sound can be heard close by from its perch in the Iron-bark Trees.  On this particular night while looking at the Boobook Owl, Brendon spotted this young brush-tailed possum trying tirelessly to fit into the small hole of the glider box in the same tree that the Boobook was perched. 
Southern Boobook Owl

Baby Common Brush-tailed Possum

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wildlife Crossing Ahead! 22/07/09

While driving home I could see on the right hand side a group of Kangaroo's approaching the road. I stopped and grabbed my little camera just in time to get a great shot of them crossing the road in a line.  Photo taken just down the road from our patch.

Red-Backed Fairy Wrens at Jarowair, 22nd July 2009

Beautiful Red-backed Fairy Wrens in the thick grass on the edge of the dry creek bed at Jarowair.
These are the only type of wrens that we have had here at Jarowair so far, and what a species to have!

Male Red-Backed Fairy Wren in flight
Female Red-backed Fairy Wren

Male Red-backed fairy wren
Male & Female Red-backed Fairy Wrens in the Grass - Can You Spot Them?
Male Red-backed Fairy Wren on the Fence
Red-backed Fairy Wren Couple
Female Red-backed Fairy Wren, another one of my favourite photos.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Installing Bird Nesting Boxes 19/07/09

Brendon and his little helper, deciding on a tree to put the nesting box in.

Finished Product - Well hidden Nesting Box

Installation of the Possum Box, 19th July 2009

Brendon and I (only holding the rope!) installing the Possum Box in a large Gum Tree at Jarowair, 19th July 2009.
No Problem!!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Brendon's Possum Box Project 13/07/09

Fab Possum Box made by Brendon 13/07/09

While Brendon has made many bird and glider boxes and installed them all around the property, this is the first possum box that he has created.  Note a much large entry hole.  I think he has done a fantastic job and hope sonme little Common Brush-Tailed Possum will love its new home.

Inside the Possum Box, note the sawdust on the bottom for possum comfort.

Saturday, July 11, 2009