Friday, December 14, 2012

Robust Blind Snake (Ramphotyphlops ligatus) 14/12/12

While walking to the house from the shed at night, we came across this blind snake on the gravel driveway at our patch.  I am yet to identify which type of blind snake this one is.  I grabbed the camera to take a few photos and placed a 20c coin near the snake for size comparison at the time. 

Blind Snakes feed on termites and the larvae and pupae of ants, and are non-venomous and cannot bite, so therefore are harmless.  J.G.

UPDATE:  28/12/12  Thanks to Rod Hobson for clarifying the identification of this blind snake as Ramphotyphlops ligatus (aka Robust Blind Snake).  It is much appreciated.

Ramphotyphlops ligatus (aka Robust Blind Snake)

Robust Blind Snake. 14/12/12


  1. Hi Judi, Rod Hobson believes your snake is Ramphotyphlops ligatus. Great blog. Cheers, Robert.

    1. Thanks very much Robert for passing on the I.D. from Rod, it is much appreciated. Thank you for visiting the blog also - your blog always inspires me to learn to take bettter pictures. Judi.


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