Saturday, January 4, 2014

Temperatures soar to 48 degrees 04/01/14

The last few weeks have been extremely hot and dry on the Darling Downs and although afternoon thunder can often be heard, it has all be a farce, not supplying the much needed rain.

Saturday the 4th of January was an intensely windy hot summers day.  The local weather was predicting a top of 39 degrees, however we knew it felt hotter than that.  We decided to put our sons weather station outside along with another thermometer to check... sure enough it was 48 degrees at 2.30pm that afternoon - so a little hotter than we had thought!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have yours book marked now and will be back to visit again! Our temps down here have been too hot as well although nothing like yours - only in the mid to high 30's - but that's too much for me! I read through some of your older posts and the birds and flowers are beautiful.

    1. Thanks very much Mick for the lovely comment and for visiting our blog. The temperature has not been anywhere near as hot as this day since - thankfully and we even managed to get a sprinkle of rain yesterday afternoon. Thankyou again and I also look forward to your future posts.


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