Friday, January 31, 2014

Summer Cicada's

Over the months of December & January there has been the constant hum of cicada's in the late evening - however spotting these massive insects during the day has proven challenging.  I have managed a few photos of a few different types that have either landed on the house near the lights or have come inside when the doors were open.  So far I can only confidently identify the Cherry-nose so any advice of the other ones identifications would be greatly appreciated!  Thankyou. J

Cherry Nose Cicada at Jarowair - Dec 2013

Cherry Nose Cicada

Cherry Nose Cicada - showing how large they are.

unknown Cicada #1

Unknown Cicada #1

Unknown Cicada #2
Unknown Cicadas #3 - these were photographed at Highfields Falls in January and not at our property.

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