Thursday, January 2, 2014

Yellow-faced Whip-snake eating a frog 02/01/14

The weather has been hot and dry for months now on the Darling Downs, and while the skies threaten to rain, we are yet to see any.  The lawn is now brown and crunchy where we haven't watered, and the vegetable garden needs to be watered at least once a day to keep it going.  While watering it in the middle of the day today, Brendon saw this medium sized yellow-faced whip-snake in the grass surrounding the raised garden beds, it was in the middle of devouring a frog.  These snakes are territorial and usually stay around the same area - this is at least the third we have seen in a close proximity of the vegetable garden. Sure enough we watched it and once it had finished eating the frog it took off as quick as a whip back to the rockeries in our garden where we have seen the other ones previously.

The face and colourings of this snake are very beautiful with the yellow around the eye very prominent today, along with the olive colour at the end of its tail.  J & B.

Yellow-faced Whip-snake... well camouflaged in the grass in the vegetable garden 02/01/14

This photo shows the beautiful colourings of the yellow-faced whip-snake... it was a little too late to work out what type of frog he was eating.  

Olive coloured tail of the Yellow-Faced Whip-Snake. 

I took a short video of the Yellow-faced Whip snake taken on my iphone, showing how fast the snake moves across the ground, however blogger does not want to display it clearly so I have had to remove it.


  1. Judith
    Excellent post. How long was the reptile?


    1. It was about 66-70cm long. The others we have seen here in the past have been a little bigger.


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