Thursday, May 5, 2016

White-stemmed Gum Moth

5 May 2016


This beautiful large Moth was photographed on the outside door to our kitchen at night. It is a White-Stemmed Gum Moth (Chelepteryx chelepteryx) and I have to thank Oskars Štubis from the Amateur Entomology Australia Group on facebook for the i.d.

The caterpillars of the White-stemmed Gum Moth feed on gum trees. It is interesting to note that Adults are short-lived (two to three days) and mate soon after emerging. They do not feed because none of the anthelids have functional mouthparts as adults!


Information Source: Australian Museum

White-Stemmed Gum Moth (Chelepteryx chelepteryx)

White-Stemmed Gum Moth (Chelepteryx chelepteryx)


  1. What a gorgeous moth, and a fascinating short-lived existence. I love it when nature happens in our homes and gardens too, always a great reminder that we are not separate from it, but part of it at all times.

    1. thanks Christian, It certainly was beautiful - but yes a shame it is only is short-lived!


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