Thursday, May 26, 2016

Red Fox upsets the Chickens

26th May 2016


It took a few days, but I finally got a glimpse of the culprit that has been upsetting the chickens a few early mornings in a row.  I saw him much later this morning, than the other days that we heard the chickens 'screams for help'. This morning I spotted him at around 7.20am, standing at the gate of the chicken pen looking in... possibly he thought he could out-smart us and come later than his usual 5am attempt, with the hope that the chickens had been let out into the larger fenced yard....what he didn't count on, was a sleepy teenager who had forgotten to feed the chooks and let them out that morning at the usual time, so they were all locked up safely in the inner-pen.


Red Fox at Jarowair, 26th May 2016

Red Fox at Jarowair, 26th May 2016

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