Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cicada's & Rhino Beetle's January 2013

Cicada's haven't been present at our patch for years, until this January.  This year has seen a large amount and  a variety of different types.  The ones I have photographed to I.D. are only ones that have come inside to the light at night.  They are huge compared to the common green cicadas that we used to see when living in Toowoomba. Apparently there are 200 cicada species in Australia so I was pleased to be able to id at least one of these we have seen. We have also had plenty of Rhinoceros Beetles coming up onto the veranda at night.  J.G.

Cherry Nose Cicada or also known as Whiskey Drinker.  (Macrotristria angularis)

Black Prince ~ Psaltoda plaga


  1. The Black Cicada is a Black Prince ~ Psaltoda plaga
    Nice blog

    1. Thankyou!! I had no idea what it was - fantastic to get an identification! Thanks for commenting, its much appreciated.


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