Saturday, January 12, 2013

Young Carpet Python trapped in aviary after Finch Meal 11/01/13

Our Brother-in-law's mother kindly entrusted us with the care of her 30+ much loved Zebra Finches. To make them at home, Brendon had to strengthen the finch aviary and this took some time, so the first night that we had the finches, we kept them in the two small cages in which we we given them, but placed them inside a locked larger rehabilitation aviary that we have for larger birds.  Yesteday morning when Brendon when to check on them, he discovered this small carpet python in the bottom of one of the cages with three lumps in its belly - and the finches not quite sure about the visitor to their cage!!  After releasing the carpet python from the cage, my father-in-law kindly let it go back into the grass close to a nearby pile of logs.  Sadly we lost a few finches on the very first night having them in our care - but they are now secured in a large aviary with very small wire netting - hopefully safe from any other slithering visitors at night.  J.G.

Back to the wild where he belongs.


  1. Interesting that the uneaten Finches were relatively calm.
    Maybe just resolved to being on the menu "later on".
    You did well, all around.

  2. Thanks Denis, Yes I am amazed that they didn't die of fright!! They were happily sitting on top of the snake, although it was very quite after its meal and didn't post much more of a threat I guess?

  3. a very unfortunate event...........

    1. yes Carole, it was most unfortunate and we felt awful about it since we had been intrusted with these beautiful little birds. I am glad to report the remaining finches now live in a massive flight aviary and are very happy.


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