Monday, January 28, 2013

Frogs in the Rain 27/01/13

We went in search for the rarely seen, Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk and Salmon-Striped Frog late last night in the rain at our place, and to also view the frogs that were around after the large amount of rain we had had over the last two days.  Alas we didn't find the pobblebonk or salmon-striped this time, but the dams, creek and just about everywhere we walked, was alive with frog's of many types.  The noise was unbelievable...  it was difficult to hear what we were saying to each other, the frogs were so loud;  even standing side by side!  Oddly enough, we didn't see the Common Green Treefrog or the Emerald-spotted Treefrog which are ones we see almost daily!   B & J

Bleating Treefrog (27/01/13)
Bleating Treefrog (27/01/13)


Young Spotted Marshfrog (27/01/13)
Spotted Marshfrog - showing how small it was 27/01/13


Graceful Treefrog (27/01/13)

Graceful Treefrog (27/01/13) All swollen - about to call out

Graceful Treefrog (27/01/13)


Striped Marshfrog (27.01.13)


We took photos of many different looking frogs - all of which we think are Ornate Burrowing Frogs, so will add a separate post just for those photos.
Ornate Burrowing-Frog (27.01/13)
Ornate Burrowing Frogs Mating (27.01.13)

Gorgeous - Ornate Burrowing Frog (27.01.13)

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