Saturday, January 19, 2013

Apostlebirds - New Visitors to Our Patch 19/01/13

While we have been away for a few days on holiday, my Parent's in-law noticed a group of birds visiting our chicken pen daily, helping themselves to the chicken feed.  My in-laws were worried about the birds visiting the chook pen and eating up all the food, but when we discovered today that they were in fact Apostlebirds, we were thrilled, as we have never seen them here before and as far as i am concerned, they can eat as much chicken feed as they like :)  J.G.

Apostlebirds on the entry to the chicken-pen (not frightened at all by our plastic eagle -crow deterrent)

Apostlebirds at Jarowair Our Patch 19/01/13


  1. Very cool visitors and super photographs. They are great characters.

    1. Thanks Russell, They have been daily visitors now, even during the rain. They are such happy family birds and really enjoyable to have around.


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