Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kingfisher Rescue 01/01/13

We have been watching with interest the Sacred Kingfishers who have created a nest in a termite mound and have been hearing the chirping of the hungry young ones..., until on 01st of January we discovered a large goanna with its head in the nest of the termite mound- and some very upset kingfisher parents, madly bombing the monitor to try and scare it off.  We chased the goanna off and it quickly retreated to anearby tree and then got a ladder to check if he had indeed suceeded in eating the babies... amazingly there were four still left (we have no idea how many there were at the start).  We made the decision to to fix some tin around the base of this one  tree to keep the goanna away so the kingfisher babys have a chance to survive.

Inside the Termite Mound - Four baby Sacred Kingfishers!

Surrounding the Tree with the Kingfisher Nest with iron to keep the goanna from eating the baby Kingfishers.

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