Monday, October 12, 2015

Flower Spider Catches Stingless Bee in Macro

12th October 2015

Flower Spider & Stingless Bee in Macro
"Jarowair" Land for Wildlife Property, South-East Queensland, Australia

I haven't used my macro lens for some time, so with the reminder that it was "I heart Macro Monday", I went outside to the garden to see if I could spot any insects on some of the flowers.  I quickly came across a small green and yellow Flower Spider (Diaea Sp?) in the centre of a small daisy flower.  I watched a tiny native Stingless Bee come and land on the flower once and then take off, and as I was taking a photo of the spider, the bee returned and the spider pounced!  These are the other photos from the journey to get my favourite macro shot of the lot above.  

To put the size of these tiny insects into prospective for non Australian readers, Flower Spiders (the male always being smaller than the female) range from 3mm to 1.1mm in length.  Stingless Bees range from 4-5mm in length, so you can see that compared to the stingless bee, the spider is quite small in these photos, only a few millimeters long.


Joining in with I Heart Macro & Macro Monday 2

Not very clear this photo, but it shows the spider launching onto the stingless bee. 

Dragging the bee underneath the flower petal

A super close-up of the top photo of the Flower Spider with it's Stingless Bee Prize at Jarowair, now under the flower petals.  12/10/15 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tawny Frogmouth's Nesting Journey 2015

11th October 2015

It has taken some time for us to find where the Tawny Frogmouth's were nesting at Jarowair this year. None of the usual nesting trees were chosen this season.  Brendon's keen eye spotted them last night with the torch, in an ironbark tree again, on the edge of the dry creek bank.  He thinks he saw at least two chicks in the nest at night.  
Today I went down to take some photos to document their journey, as we did last year (see last year's cute photos here).  This afternoon, I couldn't make out any of the chicks on the wiry nest under the parent, but we will keep a good eye on them and hopefully will get a few photos of the little nestlings to share. Keep your fingers crossed for another successful breeding season.  We will keep you posted!

J & B

Tawny Frogmouth on Nest at Jarowair 11/10/15

Tawny Frogmouth on Nest at Jarowair 11/10/15

Tawny Frogmouth on Nest at Jarowair - telling the Noisy Miners above, to bugger off!   11/10/15

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pale-headed Snake in Bromeliad

05th October 2015

Often at night, I check inside the Bromeliad plants in our garden for different varieties of frogs, on this night however I found this Pale-headed Snake emerged from the inside of the plant!  It was typically quiet and let us take a few photos, and remained in the same spot inside the plant the whole next day, but retreated the following night to find a less conspicuous spot.

B & J

(Behind the scenes of trying to get a good photo!)  I took this pic on my iphone while holding the torch over the veranda railing, while Brendon was in the garden trying to get a good pic of the pale-headed snake - which he did -see first pic in this post.  This is our crazy life - but we love it!