Sunday, September 11, 2016

White-banded Bees on Buttercup Wildflowers

11 September 2016

As you will know by now, I just love my wildflowers - and now that Spring is here, I am taking in everything that has popped up after some recent rain.  I was looking at these beautiful vibrant yellow native Australian Common Buttercups (Ranunculus lappaceus), when I noticed some of them had small 'bees' on them.  I took some photos on my phone which weren't real flash for identification, so went back with the macro lens to get better photos.

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful network of clever people - and thanks to Ken Walker, I have the positive identification of Lasioglossum lanarium (White-banded Bee or Native Sweat Bee). These bees were around 1cm in length, and weren't moving much at all on the Buttercups, just tucked in around the centre of the flower.  I found others with the same behaviour on other nearby Buttercups also. Ken tells me that this is typical behaviour of males on flowers waiting for a female to arrive. He says that he has often seen these males say overnight inside a flower which closes its petals at night!

I am so glad that I went back for better photos to pass onto an expert - as this is another new record for Jarowair Our Patch.


Lasioglossum lanarium (White-banded Bee) on native Buttercups at Jarowair 9 Sept 2016

Three Lasioglossum lanarium (White-banded Bee) on native Buttercups at Jarowair 9 Sept 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Australian King Parrot Pair

16 August 2016


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Two Koalas at Jarowair

14 August 2016

Two Koalas were spotted last night at Jarowair under torch light, in eucalyptus trees in a close vicinity to each other.  In the light of day, they were not so easy to find... but Brendon with his eagle eye spotted one of them, this healthy male and I was able to spend some time taking some photographs of him.  He looks very healthy, eyes and rump in very good condition, which is great.

We both discussed, however, that despite seeing koalas here fairly regularly, we have only once seen a koala with a back joey.  I spoke to our friend who is a Koala rescue and rehabilitation expert, and she felt that this was quite concerning, and that disease is wiping out the population, just as quick as habitat loss.  {Link to the only koala with back joey seen here in 10 years.}

For the meantime, we will keep doing what we can, re-planting koala food trees, letting the natural habitat restore, and refraining from owning livestock or large dogs.

GPS photos recording this koalas location were also taken for accurate records.

J & B

Koala at Jarowair 14 August 2016

Same koala, taken from another angle int he sunshine... big bum on a small branch - very common behaviour.