Sunday, February 12, 2017

Musk Lorikeets at Jarowair

12th February 2017

I had been hearing the Musk Lorikeet's for a few days, but when I couldn't spot them in the trees, I second guessed what I had heard.  Yesterday while Mick Atzeni & Rod Hobson were visiting our patch, they too heard the Musk Lorikeet's and saw them fly over and land in the large ironbark trees, so I new I wasn't going crazy!

This morning around 10 Musk Lorikeet's were hanging around the ironbark trees near the bird flight aviary, and one young one even went to say hello to the birds inside the aviary.  It has been some years since I have managed to photograph the Musk Lorikeet's here.  (see previous posts here: 2012 & 2009)

J & B

Musk Lorikeet ~ Jarowair 12/02/17

Musk Lorikeet ~ Jarowair 12/02/17
Musk Lorikeet's ~ Jarowair 12/02/17

On the outside, looking in... Musk Lorikeet ~ Jarowair 12/02/17

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