Friday, December 30, 2016

Pale-headed Rosella Babies

For the first time ever at Jarowair, a pair of Pale-headed Rosellas have been sucessful in raising three young here. A few months ago, Brendon installed a nesting box he made under the eaves of the cabin roof at the house, with the intention of it being for parrots. He made sure it was far enough away that gliders and possums couldn't access it and so it was ideal for birds.  It wasn't long before a pair of pale-headed rosellas started checking it out.

Four chicks hatched, but only three survived.  We were lucky enough to see the parents come and call to all three to leave the box - it was really exciting to see.

B & J.

A peak inside the nesting box, three pale-headed rosella babies, 19/12/16

Mum and bub Pale-headed Rosella.

Two little heads poking out of the box.

One of the parents calling to the babies to come out.

One of the Pale-headed Rosella Babies, leaving the nesting box.

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