Thursday, November 3, 2016

Australian Coral Snake a new sighting

1 November 2016

Second sighting ever at Jarowair of an Australian Coral Snake!!

It has been six years since our previous, once only sighting of an Australian Coral Snake (Simoselaps australis), until now! Brendon came across this 30cm approx beauty at the back of our property at night.  We were beyond thrilled to see it, as such a long time has gone by since our last sighting - and it's not for the lack of looking that's for sure.

The previous sighting was of a tiny juvenile (see post here) which had ventured into our garage at a time that we were doing some light earth-works creating new garden beds near the house.  It was likely because of this disturbance, why it had ventured indoors.

The Australian Coral Snake can grow to 50cm long, but the average length is 30cm, which is what we estimated this one to be. They are a snouted snake with a snout that is slightly upturned with an acute transverse cutting edge. They are uncommon nocturnal burrowing snake, that is weakly venomous, found under rocks and logs, eats lizards and reptile eggs.

We took a few photos and we both picked up the snake for a brief better look at it, then it went on it's way, disappearing under grass tufts without a trace.

B & J


Australian Coral Snake (Simoselaps australis) at Jarowair 01/11/2016
Australian Coral Snake (Simoselaps australis) at Jarowair 01/11/2016
Australian Coral Snake (Simoselaps australis) at Jarowair 01/11/2016

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