Saturday, October 29, 2016

Owlet Nightjars nesting at Jarowair

29 October 2016

It was an interesting experience today, when two owlet nightjar fledglings flew out of a nesting box at our place in the middle of the day after we accidentally disturbed them by making noise near their nesting site in one of Brendon's nesting boxes. Luckily we located them in the long grass and put them back for the parents to come and feed them at night. They were sso beautiful and we are so lucky to have them nest at our property in a man-made nesting box for the second year.

30 December 2016 -  The two fledglings were raised sucessfully and the parents are still using the box as home, much to our delight.
B & J.

Brendon holding onto one of the Owlet Nightjar Fledglings, that flew out of the box when accidentally disturbed them.

Sneak-peak into the nesting box to check on the two Owlet Nightjar babies.
One of the Owlet Nightjar parents, still calling the nesting box home a few months later.

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Owlet Nightjar - 23 December 2016

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