Friday, September 30, 2016

Nesting Magpie Lark's

30th September 2016

A pair of our resident Magpie Lark's Grallina cyanoleuca (aka Pee Wee's) have successfully built their mud nest in the same ironbark tree as they did two years prior.  Last year they switched trees to a much higher position in one of our largest eucalyptus tereticornis not far from this tree.  It is interesting to see that they have returned to the previously favoured tree which is very close to the house.  There seems to have been some success, despite a few recent downpours of rain, as we have witnessed the parents tending to the chicks.

Magpie Larks pair for life and I only recently learned that they are known to sing in duet, with each partner producing about one note a second, but a half-second apart, so that humans find it difficult to tell that there are actually two birds singing, not one.

J .G.

Daddy Magpie Lark, taking his turn minding the chicks at Jarowair 30/09/16

The mud nest is made up of some interesting things this time, including what looks like a long piece of fishing line hanging from the nest - we never leave anything like this out and about so are unsure where this has been sourced from!

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