Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Crested Pigeon babies at last

8 September 2016

For many years, we have watched the Crested Pigeons Ocyphaps lophotes attempt at building nests in a variety of trees, without any success - something always has ended up taking the juveniles before they were fully fledged.

This year, we were very happy to find though, that they had much better luck, choosing again a tree they had used in the past.  We had been watching the parent sit on the nest and hadn't got to see how many eggs or babies there were until on the 8th of September, i walked past and noticed the mum wasn't there, and there were two babies sitting in the nest. I took a quick photo on my phone and let them be, within a few minutes of passing by the tree, the parent had returned back to her spot caring for the babies.

Crested Pigeon Juveniles at Jarowair 8 Sept 2016 (iphone6 photo)

Crested Pigeon on nest with two Juveniles at Jarowair 8 Sept 2016 (iphone6 photo)

27 September 2016
On return from holiday, the nest was empty, but Brendon witnessed a pair of Crested Pigeons nearby with a fully fledged juvenile.  Unfortunately it looks like only one has survived, however this his better odds than the other years.

J & B.

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