Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Grey-crowned Babbler Family

12th January 2016


Lovely to have a visit from this Grey-crowned Babbler family one morning at Jarowair in January.  We only get visits from these happy family oriented birds on occasion, however were used to often see them on other properties and road verge trees on the way to our patch.  Unfortunately about a year ago though, a new local property owner cleared all of the understory including the babbler's "nest trees" on his land about 1.km away, and thus we do not see the birds as often now.  

Grey-Crowned Babblers are in extreme decline in other states of Australia and in 2009 Birds Queensland performed a project to establish the birds presence in South-East Queensland. Read more about the 2009 Grey-crowned Babbler Project here.


Grey-crowned Babbler Family at Jarowair January 2016

Grey-crowned Babbler Family at Jarowair January 2016

Grey-crowned Babbler at Jarowair

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  1. Indeed lovely to see the family. Hopefully the unwise new owner didn't then install trail bikes on his new desert!


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