Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Appreciation of 'Common Australian Birds'

13th December 2015


We were fortunate to have a visit from my good friend and her son, who live in beautiful London. Young Master A was quite interested in Australian wildlife and wanted to see as much as possible during his trip.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't at it's best when they visited us, and the Koala's and Eastern Grey Kangaroo's remained elusive in the wet weather.

I was quite inspired though, by our young visitor and how he was fascinated and intrigued by everything he saw.  He was so impressed with how beautiful the Galah's were in the tree and wanted to take their photo. As they were quite high, he helped me to take a photo on the camera as the iphone just wasn't zooming in enough.  Galah's are a bird that we see on a daily basis here, and have always been a common sight, throughout my childhood growing up on a farm.  I must admit I don't stop often enough to admire how beautiful they are, and it took my friends son, to show me how even the 'common birds' are beautiful... and so they are.  This is the end result of the joint photo.

I can't wait until I can visit them in London and see the beautiful Green Parrots and Red Robins that are their 'common birds'.

Galah's at Jarowair 13th December 2015

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