Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Gorgeous Juvenile Pacific Baza in Nest

29th December 2012


You may have seen my previous post (see here) taken at our neighbours home just over a month ago, of the nest of a Pacific Baza (Aviceda subcristata), hidden amongst tree foliage.  Today I went back to see how the "chicks" have progressed.  The parents weren't to be seen and must have been hunting close by, but one chick could be seen easily, sitting high in the messy discreet nest.  It is yet to get it's full crest, but I'd imagine won't be long before it leaves the nest.  It was wonderful to see that the parents have been successful, especially that the nest is intact after the large winds we have had recently.


Pacific Baza Chick in the nest 29/12/15

Pacific Baza (Aviceda subcristata) Juvenile

Pacific Baza (Aviceda subcristata) Juvenile

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