Sunday, December 6, 2015

Flower-loving Fly

6th December 2015

Flower-loving Flies - Apiocera moerens

Family Apioceridae

Master C noticed these unusual "flies" resting on the base of an upturned tube stock pot in the garden at Jarowair. I took a couple of photos, but it has taken me some time to identify them.  They are native Flower-loving Flies (Apiocera moerens) and they are usally found resting on the ground.    They are in the Apioceridae family.

"Apioceridae is a small fly family with only a single genus Apiocera. They are close related to Robber Fly Asilidae. Adults are essentially flower feeders but mostly found resting on ground. Their larvae are believed breed in soil and possibly carnivorous, somewhat similar to those in Asilidae."  (source: Brisbane Insects)

J & C

Flower-loving Flies - (Apiocera moerens) - Jarowair 06th December 2015

Flower-loving Flies - (Apiocera moerens) - Jarowair 06th December 2015

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