Monday, December 28, 2015

Bentley the baby Butcherbird

28th November 2015 - 28th December 2015


One afternoon, when walking along the veranda at Jarowair, a young Pied Butcherbird came and landed above Brendon and started calling out to him.  It proceeded to hop onto his hand and call out to be "fed".

It was the most bizzare occurance.  None of our neighbours have raised a butcherbird and although there are wild ones here, they have nested down the back of the property and we have little contact with them.  The only option is that this bird has been hand raised by someone and released out our way, but how it came to Jarowair is a mystery.  Some of our friends say that he just "read the signs" at the front of the property and knew he would be looked after here! 

Since the 28th of November, and now named "Bentley", this baby butcherbird has grown markedly and is learning each day.  He comes for occasional feeds of mince, mixed with insectivore, and meal worms, but has been catching his own insects and using his natural instincts too.  He sleeps in the trees every night and is always is alert with other birds sound their "alarms".  He even was the hero on Boxing Day, alerting us to an Eastern Brown Snake in the house yard. (see here)

B & J

28th Nov 2015 - The first moments of the arrival of baby 'Bentley" the Pied Butcherbird at Jarowair

28th Nov 2015 - The first day of the arrival of baby 'Bentley" the Pied Butcherbird at Jarowair

Bentley the Butcherbird, hiding in the pot-plant behind the outdoor lounge, from a Crow (01st Dec 2015)

"Bentley" growing up.  26th December 2015

Bentley, helping himself to the mealworms.

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