Sunday, November 15, 2015

Water Scorpion in the pool

15th November 2015

WATER SCORPION (Laccotrephes spp)

This Water Scorpion was observed in the swimming pool by our children. Master C took some photos of it on my phone to record the sighting, prior to catching it in a net and re-locating it to a waterhole in the creek.

C & J


The water scorpions are distinctive aquatic bugs that possess raptorial forelegs for capturing prey and a breathing siphon extending from the end of the abdomen.

Nepids are poor swimmers and prefer to wait in ambush for their prey with just the siphon extending through the surface of the water. Their prey consists of other aquatic organisms that come into their range, particularly small crustaceans and insects, though they will take tadpoles and small fish if presented with the opportunity.

The raptorial forelegs have an organ that apparently senses the vibrations of the prey, which combines with the use of visual clues to make the Nepidae formidable ambush predators.

WATER SCORPION (Laccotrephes spp) at Jarowair

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