Friday, November 6, 2015

Pale Grass-Lily

06th November 2015

PALE GRASS-LILY (Caesia parviflora var. vittata)

The discovery of a new wildflower after good rain, is always exciting for me at Jarowair.  Over time I have fallen in love with every tiny little native flower at our patch, and finding new ones always continues to amaze me, how amazing nature is at recovering.

The discovery of one lone flower of the Pale Grass-Lily (Caesia parviflora var. vittata) was just by chance.  The top of the plant had been eaten by something and one flower remained.  Over the next few weeks, I watched the plant and further stems grew, with further beautiful flowers emerging.  I am so grateful my husband understands my love of wildflowers and allows me to let one particular area (that we normally mow), grow high over the spring/summer wildflower periods... otherwise I would never discover such delights.

Pale Grass-Lily (Caesia parviflora var. vittata) at Jarowair
Pale Grass-Lily

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