Monday, November 30, 2015

Pacific Baza Nesting

28th November 2015


Our neighbours have been watching this beautiful Pacific Baza (aka Crested Hawk) building it's messy nest high in an ironbark tree, right in front of their home over the last few weeks. The bird then progressed to sitting on the nest.  I went over to take some photos, which proved rather challenging.  The nest is well placed high in the tree, with plenty of foliage surrounding it to give good coverage.  There is no mistaking that crest and bright yellow eye though!. I must admit, I was surprised at the location of the nest, only metres from the house where large dogs live in the yard and just above where our neighbours visitors park their cars!  I always imagined they would choose a very secretive location!  More photos to come of the baza families progress.


Pacific Baza on it's nest - Kleinton, South East Qld, 28th Nov 2015

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