Monday, October 19, 2015

Two Koalas in one day

16th October 2015

Koalas at Jarowair

While looking out the windows in the direction of the back of our property early in the morning, I saw a koala jump from one branch to another in a Eucalyptus Tereticornis tree at our patch.  We have had sightings of koalas over the last few months at night, but usually they have moved locations by the next day, or we just can't spot them!  I went down to have a look at the koala and found it was very healthy thank goodness, but in one of the saddest looking trees at our patch.  Over the autumn period, most of the gum trees were decimated by insects and drought, leaving them in a terrible way. They have only just started to come back with some new tip emerging, but I have noticed that the insects are back again munching on the koalas much needed food source.  This fellow was still in the same tree in the afternoon. I knew it would move overnight as the tree just didn't have enough food on it for him to eat. 

Just after checking on the koala above, in the afternoon, Brendon spotted another one nearby, high in a Eucalyptus Moluccana tree.  This guy was very hard to see and the photo below is rather poor, but shows that it is also in good condition. 

Koala Scratches on the Eucalyptus Tereticornis Tree at

It is currently Koala mating season, so koalas are on the move.  Please watch out for them crossing roads, or entering properties where dogs reside.  If you notice any sitting on the ground, staying in one tree for more than a couple of days, with sick looking eyes or rump, please contact the RSPCA Wildlife Hotline on 1300 ANIMAL for assistance.

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