Sunday, October 4, 2015

Red-bellied Black Snake in creek

04th October 2015

We accidentally startled this Red-bellied Black Snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus) while walking along the creek bank at the back of the property today. The snake was most likely basing in the sun on a large rock near some thick lomandra grasses, when we approached, scaring it into the water below. We watched it swim around the edge of the waterhole and disguise itself rather well under the rim of a large rock that was submerged.  It raised it's head out of the water a little, however after waiting for ages for it to come out to get a better photo, it chose not to co-operate.

We were talking about it, and although we have seen Red-bellies numerous times here, these are the first photos we have taken for the blog!

B & J

Red-bellied Black Snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus) in creek 04/10/15

Red-bellied Black Snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus)

Red-bellied Black Snake completely submerged under the water

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