Monday, October 5, 2015

Barking Gecko

05th October 2015

Barking Gecko (aka Thick-tailed Gecko) (Underwoodisaurus milii) blended in well with the pebble-crete path at Jarowair at night.  This little cutie did it's usual display of raising itself up high (shown here) and then flipping around and making it's barking noise as it wasn't impressed having the torch light shone on it!  I took a couple of pics and then let him be.  We love these little guys.  See a previous post here about the interesting details of the scientific name of this native Australian Gecko. I must note that Brendon also saw one, late in the evening down the back of our property, which was wonderful, as our sightings are irregular. 
Barking Gecko (aka Thick-tailed Gecko) (Underwoodisaurus milii) at Jarowair 05/10/15

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